Career Assessment

  • We centre our focus on charting a course with the objective of increasing Student Ownership in college and career planning. This is accomplished by the means of our singular and unique approach of Introduction of Individual Learning Plans (ILPs).
  • Our course structures are strictly student-led in order to ensure that the students garner the utmost cooperation and support from the Universities for their developmental evolution.
  • Our role is to explicitly bring forth the transformation which you go through so that you can express what you’ve gleaned from your studies on a personal as well as individualistic level.

Internship Assistance

  • There’s always a ground zero for each and every towering height of success. Through our Internship Assistance, we elevate you a notch above this level as an international internship lends the foresight as well as skill set required to develop your career on a global scale.
  • Although international internships aren’t as ubiquitous as international education opportunities, the fruits they bear are undeniably efficacious in terms of professional conditioning.
  • An internal internship is deemed as a formative career path for every student who wishes to maximise his/her investment towards garnering a global experience.
  • Intern-abroad programs are supported and matched based on a specific destination, field of work, length of stay, or a general region. We develop a matching matrix and support students along with our clients by facilitating the necessary information and facilitating the process.


Mentorship Programs

  • Our one-of-a-kind Mentorship Program is a precision-driven instrument directed towards ameliorating the tradition of exchanging tricks of the trade!
  • This exchange can occur above and beyond cultures and generations of educational practitioners as well as learners.
  • Our proposed mentorship program gives mentors and mentees an organised structure which is conducive to their collaboration.
  • This process has a few more requirements for participants to fulfill than the self-directed program.
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