Employment-01Getting your Feet Under the Desk!

Working is not a function but a philosophy. It is a reflection of who you are and what you want to be.

We, at My Edu Guru, have a strong conviction in the above theory. Thus, we encourage all students to pursue their career goals, irrespective of the subject.

The MEG team is represented by innovative individuals who enjoy every aspect of their contributions within the realm of career and education building. It is this spirit that we wish to disseminate across all students and young aspiring professionals. 

Our success story is being scripted in multiplying order because of our measure-to-measure fulfillment of commitment resulting in improved and smarter productivity.

We have acquired an enviable reputation for having been one of the most trusted “Explore, Staffing Recommender” for our valuable clients as well as for our professionally talented human resources.

We are hard-nosed about Quality-both in selecting candidates as well as selecting employers!

My Edu Guru is the deliverer, caterer or even the inducer, who mediates the convention of a potential candidate and the relevant employer. Our MO is to facilitate employment to all promising students with minimal interference and optimal guidance. Also, the information that we are entrusted with is regarded with great care and confidentiality.

So if you have towering goals and want to mount the stairwell to professional success, you’ve come to the right place!

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