Softening Edges (Finishing School)

  • My Edu Guru’s most prized contraption from its bag of tricks is the MEG Finishing School. It’s not a concept but a direct device to catapult you into the realm of professional success and efficiency across the global spectrum.
  • It not only fine tunes your comprehensive abilities, vocational skills as well as your command over linguistic fluency but also conditions you for a heightened level of professional life.
  • At the onset of every student’s decisive moment while choosing a career path, what’s more significant than making that decision is the tutelage to lead that decision into the right direction.
  • MEG’s Finishing School facilitates all the requirements pertinent to your evolution as a young professional while factoring in your 4 P’S—your Preceding, Present and Potential Prospects.
  • From the stage of your college graduation to the commencement of your career odyssey, MEG’s Finishing School will stand by as a strategic advisory, providing effective resolutions to any and all predicaments encountered en route.
  • This finishing school is a body of educators who dedicatedly work on softening your rough edges when it you’re at the horizon of delving headlong into the national as well as international education and/or corporate sector.
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