Trot the globe!  Walk the hemispherical line! Discover the world! Discover you!

While this is how most holidays sound, the immigration guidance granted at MEG fulfills the same, albeit, without the “holiday” element.

We don’t help you embark on a vacation but an actual lifetime of opportunities and professional as well as personal  growth.

We, at My Edu Guru, stand by you  at every step of the distance that you need to traverse in order to commence a new curve of life in any part of the world.

Our tutelage and assistance can be availed in three simple steps:

We Scan So that You Can!

MEG tenders a thorough evaluation of the potential immigrant both objectively and subjectively. This entails an intensive as well as extensive scrutiny of the profile in order to contrive the parameters of all the eligibility factors which in turn ensures a higher chance of executing a successful processing.

…And the Case is Open!

If the initial assessment generates positive feedback, then the potential immigrant’s application and processing is completely undertaken by MEG wherein our team of dedicated members grant their complete support in realising your dream of breaking barriers.

Punch that Scorecard!

Immigration processing in most countries works on the basis of procuring points. The Eligibility Report which is generated as a result of taking this point-oriented test vastly decides on the odds of the potential immigrant’s success. It is also a singular aspect of the documentation involved in immigration.

Should you fail the initial assessment, don’t think that your prospective plans are thwarted. We encourage potential immigrants to opt for other countries by generating an analytical paper on other choices of locations.

Don’t let hurdles stop you, there’s always a detour!

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