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australia-1296727_1280If you can smell the salt of the sea, the coals burning on a barbecue somewhere and the fresh mist of acacia, you may just find yourself in the “Down Under” continent of Australia!

Other than being one of the most picturesque, active and foreign-friendly nations, Australia dons the cap of being the first choice of study destination for many an international student.

This is evident by their statistical success of having over 630,000 international students whose origins are dispersed across 140 countries. This renders Australia as the third biggest population of foreign students in the world, only succeeded by USA & UK.

5 Answers to your 1 Question: Why Australia?

  • So Much to Choose From- Whether it is a bachelor’s degree, Master’s, Doctorate or even a Diploma, Australian education system is endowed with a diaspora of courses and programmes in almost all streams of subject. 
  • Economically Eclectic- Your dream of studying in Australia can become a tangible reality easily since the cost of living as well as the tuition fee is significantly lower in Australia, rendering it as one of the most affordable study destinations. To add to this, they also proffer an array of scholarships which are up for grabs! 
  • Your Degree Holds Water- Any degree obtained from an Australian institution is reckoned to have supreme paper value. Australian degrees are not only recognised but also deemed as superlatively meritorious by all employers. 
  • Earn and Learn- While an International students enjoy the campus life and learns the ropes , Australia also facilitates a work permit wherein they can work up to 40 hours per fortnight. This fortifies their financial independence and grants them a chance of communing with other unique individuals. 
  • Cultures Galore and Vastly Secure-Australia is one of the most cosmopolitan countries in the world. People hailing from a multitude regions across the globe call it home. The society contrives a modern, safe and conducive environment for every international student.


Application Deadlines:


Customarily, the Bachelor’s degree programmes are segregated into two semesters. 

Semester 1 commences in early March and culminates in early June. The application deadline for this would be  November/late December, depending on the college.

Semester 2 commences at the end of July and culminates in early November. The application deadline for this would be mid to late May, in accordance with the particular college.


The structure of Master’s degree programmes in Australia abide by a similar 2-semester pattern like that of the undergraduate system, although this may vary for research-based courses.

Application deadline for semester 1 would be late October/mid November and for semester 2, the application would need to be submitted by mid April/mid May.

Submitting applications at the earliest is highly recommended as it creates better odds of procuring scholarships and other grants. 

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