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borders-1300024_1280A land of inventive mavericks and technological advancement, Germany harbours boundless opportunities for young aspirants who wish to be an integral part of its society as well as economy.

Although renowned for its industrial matrix of some of the biggest organisations in the world, Germany also boasts of a robust education system which is conducive to any and every international student.

Germany is the third most popular destination among international students in the world.

More than 12% of students at German Universities hail from other continents and nations.

Along with being a captivating destination, Germany  also fosters Universities which honour their students with degrees that are deemed meritorious by employers worldwide.

5 Answers to Your 1 Question: Why Germany?

There are five potent variables that factor into Germany’s unparalleled reputation:

  • Internationally recognized qualifications and comparatively
  • Comparatively lower costs of education
  • Good Career prospects
  • High quality of life
  • Attractive International Courses – Bachelor’s, Master’s & Diplomas

Course Structure in Germany:

A student’s college year is fragmented into two semesters and this structure has been employed since 2014/2015. Students who fly in from across the globe are exempt from paying the tuition fees and are subject to make only a semester payment which amounts to 100-300 Euros.

This catapults the German education system to the top of the list of the most convenient and student-friendly systems in the world. 

Application Deadlines:

Although application deadlines may vary slightly from one university to another one, there are generally 2 main intakes:

January: submit your application before 15 January for studies beginning in the summer semester, which follows the dates below:

  • March to August for Universities of Applied Sciences
  • April to September for Universities

July: submit your application before 15 July for studies beginning in the winter semester, which follows the dates below:

  • September to February for Universities of Applied Sciences
  • October to March for other Universities
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