And Bob’s your Uncle!

united-kingdom-1487005_1280Imagine you’re done with your classes for the day and you can now enjoy the view of the Big Ben while leaning on the Westminster Bridge and breathing in the London air.

This can be your lifestyle as an international student in the United Kingdom!

UK has a multifarious educational matrix which grants the opportunity of excelling in any stream with an optimum level of exposure for an international student.

The exclusively prestigious higher education system of England, the innovative courses offered in Scotland, the much-talked-about Irish Arts programmes  and the pedagogically supreme curriculum adopted by almost all campuses of Wales are few of the many reasons for the UK’s status of being the second-most opted for destination by international students. 


5 Answers to Your 1 Question: Why UK?

  • The Best you Can Get-UK education is recognised by employers, universities and governments worldwide. The fact that 4 out of the top 6 Universities in the world originate in UK is a testament to their superlative quality of education.
  • A Haven in Heaven – The UK is an accrued cultural hub with architecture that hearkens back to history and a society that is favourable and supportive to every student and young aspiring professional. 
  • Time is Money –  Not only do the programmes in UK are much more concise and time-efficient than others around the world, even their tuition costs and living expenses are truncated due to this fact. Thus, you save the dough and finish your studies before you know.
  • Cross your T’s and Dot your I’s– English is germane to this region of the world so if there’s any place that can be instrumental in honing your linguistic skills and English proficiency, it is the UK.
  • A Cultural Kaleidoscope– The UK is home to one of the largest international communities in the world. The number of cultures present in the UK surpass those in any other nation. Hence, it proves to be an incredibly easy environment for an international student to acclimatise with. 


Application Deadlines:

The window for submitting a timely application can differ with the choice of course as well as opted University.  In a more generic fashion, it can be safely stated that programmes commencing in the autumn term (September/October) need to be applied to by summer  (around July/August).

This window get smaller for the overseas students as they need to be earlier than anyone else to accommodate sundry formalities and documentation (funding/finance, visa, etc) which entails a series of prerequisites for their acceptance as well as admission.

As for the acceptance, the response-time of most Universities in the UK ranges from a few weeks to three months.

Hence, in the light of this time-frame, it is highly recommended that an international student applies five to six months (in certain cases, ten to eleven months)before the commencement of the course in order to contrive an order of things for further processing. So be an early bird rather than a late snail!

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